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Hospital doctor struck off after being caught on camera sexually abusing woman

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

By Darren Burke - Doncaster Free Press - 1411/2022 - [UK] - [Mohammad Nazeer] An investigation found that Dr Mohammad Nazeer, who worked at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Trust, was found to have restrained the woman - who complained she had been treated like a 'sex slave' - and forced himself on her despite her protests.

The medic, who has now been stripped of his licence to practice, also encouraged his victim to 'sell your body on the streets', bit her lips until they bled, 'forcefully' grabbed her hair, and shoved his finger up her nostril, a Medical Practitioner's Tribunal heard.

The tribunal heard Dr Nazeer subjected the woman to a campaign of physical, mental and sexual abuse. The woman, named only as 'Miss B', made several video recordings which captured Dr Nazeer sexually abusing her over two dates in September 2018. On one date, in which Dr Nazeer had sexual intercourse with the woman despite her not consenting, she can be heard saying 'what are you doing? Stop this' in one of the videos. She can also be heard saying 'what do you think you are doing? Get off me I don't want to do it', 'I am not giving you consent', and 'I do not want to be your sexual slave'.

In a statement to police, the woman said: 'The more I tried to put the cover on top of me the more the kind of really sort of pushed it away so I couldn't even reach it. 'He's doing that, then kissing me, biting me as well. "You've got sexy boobs. You've got a sexy body, you have. Look at this... Your figure's really sexy".'

She also recalled how 'he covered her mouth at one point so I couldn't breathe'. It was heard Dr Nazeer physically abused the woman several times, by pushing her, grabbing her, holding both her ears and 'forcefully shaking her', and held his hand over her mouth and nose.

On another date in September, the doctor sexually abused her by groping her, but she had again made recordings.

It was heard that, while driving the pair, Dr Nazeer slammed on his brakes and caused Miss B to jolt forward after she said she wanted to get out the car. The victim had photos of bruises she sustained to her arms, neck and face. She reported the incidents to the police and Dr Nazeer was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault in September 2018. However, he was never charged with any offences as Miss B withdrew her police statement in October 2018.

The hearing was later told that Dr Nazeer 'persuaded' her to retract the statement and that he drove her to the police station and waited outside. In response to allegations of sexually assaulting the woman while she told him she did not consent, Dr Nazeer claimed he was 'exercising half naked'.

But the panel accepted her claim that he had attacked her, saying '[the tribunal] considered it wholly implausible that Miss B was saying "I am not giving you consent, I am not giving you consent" in relation to him exercising in front of her.'

Striking Dr Nazeer off from the register, tribunal chair Julia Oakford criticised him for displaying 'no expression of regret or remorse'.' The tribunal was mindful that there was a history... which included mental, physical and sexual abuse of Miss B by Dr Nazeer,' Mrs Oakford said.

The most serious were the two instances of Dr Nazeer having sexual intercourse with Miss B without her consent [and] of him sexually grabbing Miss B over her clothes. 'The tribunal considered the serious nature of its findings... which included physical and sexual assaults. It determined that the abuse towards Miss B was particularly grave.

'Through his actions, Dr Nazeer had caused harm to Miss B, both mentally, physically and sexually, he has undermined public confidence in the profession and brought the profession into disrepute. The tribunal concluded that Dr Nazeer's conduct was fundamentally incompatible with continued registration.'

Dr Nazeer was investigated by Doncaster and Bassetlaw Trust after he was released by police and was given a formal written warning for 12 months and a mentor was appointed to monitor him.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, you can contact Dignity4Patients, whose helpline is open Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm.



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