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Patient Rights

Bodily Integrity is about the right to make decisions over one’s own body, emphasising the importance of personal autonomy and self-determination. It is the right take full control of what happens inside and outside our bodies and has played a significant the role of law and ethics of healthcare services.


Bodily integrity has been recognised by the courts as a legal right, protected by the general guarantee of “personal rights” contained within Article 40 of the Irish constitution.

Examples of Common Patient Rights include:

  • The Right to Be Treated with Respect.

  • The Right to Obtain Your Medical Records.

  • The Right to Privacy of Your Medical Records.

  • The Right to a Treatment of your Choice.

  • The Right to Informed Consent.

  • The Right to Refuse Treatment.

Examples of Common Patient Rights Violations include:

  • Failing to treat the patient with dignity or respect.

  • Failing to provide quality care.

  • Failing to provide proper nursing services.

  • Abandoning or neglecting the patient.

  • Isolating the patient.

  • Failing to ensure the patient was not subjected to acts of abuse.

  • Administering unnecessary medications without consent.

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